When playing at online casinos a helpful Blackjack strategy is essential for any player that wants to take online blackjack  seriously.  This is a game of mathematics and there is potential to make money  at the table through discipline.  We believe that this point of being disciplined is crucial to success.

Gambling is, at the end of the day, is a reckless mans game and the pursuit of risk takers.  If Vegas was to psychoanalyze a cross section of their players over 24 hours you could be sure the word impulsive would turn up.  When we hear stories of professional gamblers that make consistent wins we would get a different profile all together.  These players are calm and calculated.  They are mathematicians and they play a  game with a strict discipline.

Impulsive  players keep the Casino in business.  Without them we wouldn’t have a casino to go to.  The dream and excitment of a big win is what keeps us coming back and this is why the
progressive jackpots are a massive draw to the casino online.

Professional poker players that consistantly make the final table are playing the odds. They know what the %’s are for cards to be drawn and they wil factor out luck and use there brain.  You can do this in Blackjack and give yourself a real chance of  winning. Basic Blackjack odds tells you than the lower the amount of decks in a game the greater the odds for the player.  In this article I want to implify the game in 4 Catagories.  I then want you to practice these principles at Spin Palace before coming back to Blackjack Tactics.

Basic Blackjack Game Strategy

– If you  have a hand total of 2-8 then hit – (Remember there are 16 cards with the value of 10 in a pack)

– Hit if you have a hand worth 12 – 16 and the dealer is showing shows a 7 or higher.

– Stand on anything from 17 and over.

– Blackjack Double Down Basic Plays

– With a 9 Double Down if the dealer has 2-6

– With a 10 Double Down when the dealer has 2-9

– With an  11 Double Down Unless the dealer has an ace

Splitting Blackjack Strategy

– Don’t Split Face Cards, 10’s or 5’s.

– Split Aces and 8’s

– Basic  Soft Hand Blackjack Strategy (Soft Hands are those using the Ace as 11 and not 1)

– Always stand on Soft 19 and 20